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Fire and rescue equipment
Cold Cut Cobra

The Cold Cut Cobra cutting extinguisher technique consists of a mixture of water and abrasive cutting agent being ejected through a special nozzle at high pressure (approx. 300 bar at pump) to efficiently cut through all known building and construction materials in a short time and immediately cool the fire gases.

Main advantages of the cutting extinguisher concept: fire fighter safety improvement as the fire is combated from a safe position outside the building, avoiding risks like backdraft, and reduction in damages caused by excessive use of water.

Combined methods, using the Cold Cut Cobra cutting extinguisher together with thermal imaging cameras and positive pressure fans, provide greatly improved tactical options for the Incident Commander instead of traditional interior B/A fire fighting.

The Nupla tools with fibreglass handles are excellent products for fire fighting brigades. These tools offer very high resistance to temperature, never feel cold, are very strong and last “forever”. Some tools are inserted with a plastic honeycomb core, making pike poles much lighter while keeping steel-comparable strength.

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Marine equipment, software and services

We distribute and install Saab AIS transponders, well known for their quality and reliability, currently in use on more than 90% of all Romanian AIS-equipped vessels. The new R5 SOLID features multiple language options, colour screen, lower price, and a compact design.

Connecting an ECS software like SevenCs ORCA G2 to the transponder, you will be able to overlay all AIS data on a digital chart. For the navigator, this is much more effective than reading text information on the small transponder screen.

Once installed on an Inland ship, the Marble MS-715 tachograph offers a series of benefits: additional ship working hours, ability to sail outside block-hours, flexible timetable, and precise monitoring of operating time.


Ultrans TM is the first Romanian company authorised by the Central Commission for Navigation on the Rhine (WSV-FVT) for Inland AIS and tachograph installation tasks.

Mastex MX Suite is a modular software package for monitoring and controlling ship inventory, parts, certificates, crew, consumption, maintenance tasks, voyages and any documents, suitable for inland and maritime ship management. Data is always synchronized on-line between ships and office.

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News and announcements
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