Ultrans TM Certificări
Our certifications
arrow DNV certificate - Quality Mgmt Systems ISO 9001:2015

Trade with and assembling of equipment and specific systems related to navigation and navigation control. Trade with and assembling of equipment and systems for emergency situations for fire extinguishing.

arrow ITS Romania membership certificate

Romanian apolitical, patrimonial, non-governmental, and not-profit organization, with an aim to encourage, promote, support, co-ordinate, implement and integrate Intelligent Transport Systems in Romania.

arrow CCNR (ZKR) approval - Central Commission for Navigation on the Rhine

Certification for installation and maintenance of Inland AIS and tachograph systems, in accordance with the procedures and standards of WSV-FVT (Wasser- und Schifffahrtsverwaltung des Bundes - Fachstelle der WSV für Verkehrstechniken).

arrow TRAC due-diligence registration

A TRAC is a unique, 12-digit TRACE Registered Access Code assigned to companies, partnerships, charities, and individuals committed to commercial transparency. TRAC is a global identification system designed to quickly and cost-effectively establish a TRAC holder’s identity, address, and information, and to allow the holder to share information with customers and to allow companies to have real-time visibility into their supply chains. Furthermore, the TRAC holder’s name is screened against the various government watch lists. Ultrans TM's TRAC number: 5159-2894-4023.

arrow Certificate of NATO NCAGE Code assignation for companies

Issued by the National Codification Bureau, to be used for NATO Codification System applications. In order to sign a purchase contract with the Romanian Ministry of National Defence, the company needs to initially obtain the company code assigned by the National Codification Bureau.

arrow Certifications issued by Saab TransponderTech

For representation, consultancy, training, installation, calibration, commissioning, service, maintenance and operation activities on Saab TransponderTech products.

arrow Certifications issued by Emerson Process Management

For representation, consultancy, commissioning, maintenance and service activities on Damcos, Rosemount Marine and LevelDatic products.

arrow Certifications issued by Marble Automation

For representation, consultancy, training, installation, commissioning, calibration, service and maintenance activities on Marble Automation products.